Risk Management Fundamentals

This 2-day program focuses on understanding the impact of Risks on projects. Participants will learn how to identify, analyze, develop proper risk responses, and proper approaches for controlling project risks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Projects Management Framework.
  • Understand critical processes involved in developing Project Risk Plan
  • Understanding and applying techniques needed identifying project risks
  • Understand effective tools for analyzing project risks
  • Develop an understanding for developing and implementing risk response strategies
  • Learn tools for controlling project risks, identifying newly arising risks.
  • Identify and utilize associated templates.

Workshop Outlines:

Introductions/Learning objectives:

  • What is a “project”? What is project management?
  • Your Role as a Project Manager
  • Relationship with your project sponsor
  • Understanding Project Life cycle
  • Project Stakeholders

Planning Project Risk Management

  • Determine the approach for managing project risks
  • Determine the approach for risk identification activities
  • Determine project risk categories
  • Documenting risk categories
  • Determine approach for conducting/ documenting risk analysis
  • Determine approach for identifying best risk response
  • Determine approach for controlling and monitoring risks
  • Understand use of Risk Planning Templates

Identifying Project Risks

  • Identifying critical risk identification inputs
  • Understand impact of Quality on risk identification
  • Understand impact of Project Scope on risk identification
  • Identify relationship between project cost and risks
  • Understand importance of Organizational Risk Policies
  • Identify critical tools and techniques for identifying project risks

    • Document reviews
    • How to gather information about risks
    • Checklist analysis
    • Diagramming techniques
    • SWOT analysis

  • Identify template required for documenting project risks

Perform qualitative Risk Analysis

  • Identifying critical inputs, how to evaluate them
  • Understand risk probability and impact assessment
  • Utilization of Probability and impact matrix
  • Understand how to asses risk data
  • Understand how to asses urgent project risks

Perform quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Understand how to evaluate critical inputs
  • Learn techniques for data gathering

    • Interviewing techniques
    • Probability distribution

  • Utilization modeling techniques

    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Expected monetary value
    • Use of simulation techniques

  • Understand how to prioritize project risks

Plan Risk Responses

  • Identifying critical inputs, how to evaluate them
  • Develop strategies for negative risks or threats
  • Develop strategies for positive risks or opportunities
  • Develop contingent response strategies

Control risks

  • Identifying critical inputs, how to evaluate them
  • Determine impact of work performance information
  • Understand how to conduct risk audits
  • Understand how to perform variance analysis
  • Develop an understanding for monitoring project risks after implementing a response
  • Understand and utilize risk templates
  • Understand how to document risk control status

    • Work performance information
    • Documenting project changes
    • Impact on other project areas


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